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Welcome to the Hands On® Sewing Schools Website!

Hands On Sewing School is Making Waves in Portsmouth, NH this April 27-29!

If you have been looking for a chance to get away from it all after this cold winter, then look no further! Join Hands On Sewing School in Portsmouth, NH, this month from April 27 - 29!  Escape from your troubles and have three days of sewing, quilting and embroidery FUN!  Learn more about the event and what you’ll learn here: http://handsonsewingschool.com/4-27-18-nh.php   Register now before it fills up!

With over 40 years service in the Home Sewing Industry, our hands-on sewing events are successful and highly recommended by those who have attended them. When you register for a hands-on sewing, quilting, or embroidery conference, you can do so with the assurance of attending one of the best events being offered. You will be attending an event with the very best of teachers and the event will be conducted by a staff whose number one priority is to make absolutely sure you enjoy your time at that event!

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